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17-Mar-2019 23:45

Individuals, 50 and older are as invested in living happy fulfilling lives as their younger counterparts.

If that means leaving a long-term marriage of 30 or 35 years so be it.

I think he is having a midlife crisis and doesn't know what he is doing." -Liz Part of what drives a midlife crisis is dissatisfaction and a desire for things to be different.

I am just trying to understand what has happened to my husband, my marriage etc.

While it's true that he's lost, it's not true that a midlife crisis has to lead to divorce. Here's a not so unusual example: My husband told me 5 months ago he wanted a divorce and that he wasn't in love with me anymore. He asked me to attend his family Easter dinner with him, but still insists he is done.

However, understanding that he's lost will really help you in the decisions that you will need to make going forward. I am not sure that he is and that is why he hasn't left even when I told him to.

and I latched onto it immediately and started to get my hopes up.

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I was wrong - he immediately started trying to manipulate the situation so that he could come back and continue to live as a bachelor and do what he pleased as, after all, it's he who is going through the midlife crisis and we should do whatever it takes to 'entice' him to stay etc.

Nothing makes sense anymore." -Tiffany Thank you for your advice about 'giving him space'.